(Ar..)Go! distract yourself.

A gamer deeply immersed in his gaming world
Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

In a much-cited 2003 study, skilled golfers putted more adroitly if they did not think about how to putt than when they did, while expert soccer players dribbled effortlessly through cones when their minds wandered but tended to bobble the ball if they paid attention to their footwork

In a 2015 study of competitive rowers, the 15 athletes rowed more efficiently when they let their minds attend to almost anything other than how their legs felt as they rowed

Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

As per the study — during one of these sessions, the women fixated intently on the muscles in their feet, as a way to turn their attention inwards.

During another, they counted steps, so their focus, while still on their body, was broader and more external.

In a third run, they counted backwards in threes, taking their minds off their bodies but not out of their heads.

And finally, in a fourth session, they watched a video of a basketball game, a blunt distraction that pulled their attention completely away from running.



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